Who buys Soap by Design?

Who buys Soap by Design?

Naturalists and people who read labels so they know what’s being put on their skin. Moms who are wary about what goes in and on their babies. Anyone who has asked why certain things are in their soap anyway.  I mean placenta? What’s the purpose? There are a lot of homemade soaps out there, and a lot of them are “all natural”.  As a matter of fact, all dead and decaying become petroleum which is by definition all natural. That makes a great many things, all natural.  Long dead animals that eons ago turned to goop, are all natural. Rotten vegetation, new and ancient, are all natural. All of these make up petroleum.

So, who buys this soap? People who buy this soap, people who try to stay away from petroleum-based products. People who buy this soap, want to bathe with clean soap.  People who buy this soap, use less lotion and anti-drying creams. They may even be less prone to dry, flaky, itchy skin.

Aside from being the one who makes this soap, I use it so I don’t have to lotion as often.  I use it because a hot shower with Kush infuses the scent into my skin. I use the Henna Shampoo Bar contains conditioning yogurt.

How about you?

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