Testimonial or Making a Medical Claim?

Testimonial or Making a Medical Claim?

When I started selling the soap I had originally made for my family, I ran into a problem. In describing how and why my products work, was I offering an opinion, a heart-felt opinion, or making medical claim?  Really!!??

I began making these soaps in response to my children's eczema and the cost of topical treatments.  Someone told me oatmeal is an excellent moisturizer and greatly reduces dry, scaly, itchy skin. Someone even suggested having them bathe in an oatmeal bath.  I did not take this as stating medical claim.  But I did take that advice.

Then I took it one step further. If bathing in a tub with oatmeal works, how about combining that in a soap base without chemicals, paraffins, dyes, animal products and alcohol.  Now, as I published the description of my products with the hows and why I combined certain herbs and essential oils into my soap, the platforms I advertise on refused to publish my descriptions for "making a medical claim.

So, as I water down the benefits of Soaps By Design products, please take a moment and research the benefits of the ingredients.  Or just take my word for it. I really did do the research and I offer alternatives for different skin types.

This is a what goes in Soaps By Design's Honey Lemon Facial Bar.  Guess what it's benefits are?

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