Promote Fragrance Soap over the Internet?

Promote Fragrance Soap over the Internet?

You know what I mean. I have several great smelling homemade Shea Butter and Castile bath bars. Question, how do I promote and sell them over the internet? My Skin Care and Hair Care line work great in the virtual world. Everyone knows how shea butter and virgin olive oil and cocoa butter work. We know Black Seed is great for skin eruptions and Castor Oil heals the skin. Need moisturizing? Use Oatmeal with Shea Butter or Goat Milk in Shea Butter. There is even a bar for oily skin or skin that gets into grungy stuff. That would be Neem, by the way for the grungies. Got kids? Get yourself some Tea Tree bath bar or how about Citronella, for the things that bite. You get the idea.
But I have a great line of smelly bath bars: African Gold, Jamaican Fruit, White Diamond and fragrances I've developed. Look at the pic. Can you tell the spots in the bath bar are lemon zest or the essential oil used is Eucalyptus or that it smells absolutely delicious? No, you can't. See!

What to do?

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